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Discover A Natural Hearing Breakthrough That Will Revive Your Ability To Hear Clearly And Alleviate Unwanted Noises For Good!

If YOU Are One Of The 50,000,000 People Suffering From Hearing Loss Or Unwanted Noises In Your Ears...Your Quality Of Life Is Going To Get Better TODAY!

Dear Friend,


Hearing loss is a very slow process. Interestingly, most people never even notice the gradual decline in their hearing until the sad discovery that they can hardly hear at all!


In fact, the first sign of a hearing problem hits you when you least expect it. Just a simple everyday task like talking and listening on a telephone could be frustrating. How often are you asking a friend or family member to talk louder? Or, do you find yourself always increasing the volume button on your television?

Sadly, as your vision goes so does your hearing. If you think about it…there aren’t too many things you can do in life without good hearing. So, the big question is, what can you do to help correct it?


Well, for years I’m sure your doctor’s remedies have been limited. And in most cases their first approach is to put you through a barrage of hearing tests to tell you what you already know: “Your hearing isn’t what it used to be.”


Then, out comes the prescription pad and you find yourself saddled with either a dangerous prescription inflammatory drug for the rest of your life or a costly hearing aid.

Or, you can do absolutely nothing and find yourself going deaf in just a few years!


If this scenario sounds way too familiar, then I’m sure you’ll be able to relate to what happened to my grandfather and his long twenty years of suffering with age-related hearing loss and noises in his ears.

Why I Devoted My Life And Resources To Finding A Solution
To Relieving The Noises In Ones Ears!


My name is Nick Wilson and I’m the founder of NutraWay Health. It was definitely my grandfather who was the inspiration behind the hearing breakthrough you’re going to learn about. I wish he were still alive to benefit from this amazing solution that can actually improve hearing decline and ease the awful buzzing, whispering and humming that many folks suffer with.


But before I give you the details let me share this personal story with you.

My grandfather’s hearing loss just didn’t come about by accident. He spent most of his life working long hours in the construction business. I can easily remember visiting him in the construction yard during his lunch hour. He and I would play a challenging game of chess while enjoying some of Grandma’s signature fluffy beef pastries. Grandpa was possibly the happiest guy you ever met until his hearing went bad!


Unfortunately, there were very few preventative measures in those days to minimize the impact of noise pollution. In the end, the jackhammers, bulldozers, and cranes got the best of him. His hard work to make sure we had good lives cost him a hefty price — sever hearing issues.


As for Grandpa, his golden years didn’t turn out well. His enjoyment of watching movies, listening to music, conversing with family, and all the other pleasures that retirement brings were diminished.

Grandpa’s Search For Relief Came Too Late … But Not For YOU!

Over the course of several years, Grandpa spent many hours searching for anything to help RELIEVE the constant noises in his ears. At one point, I remember him breaking down into tears out of frustration for not being able to make it stop.


That’s when I knew I had to help. I made a promise to him and myself that I would use all of my company’s resources to develop a natural solution for the issues associated with diminishing hearing loss and noises in the ear.

Knowing first-hand the devastating impact age-related hearing loss has on a person’s quality of life, I wanted to make sure that no one else had to suffer with this problem. With that mission in mind, my company formulated a supplement better than anything you’ve ever tried. It’s called HearClear™ — and for good reason!


Even though Grandpa was never able to try this breakthrough discovery for himself, I’m proud and happy to say that you can!

After Nearly 20 Years Of Relentless Torture...

The Humming Or Buzzing In Your Ears Can Finally Stop!

This is the discovery that doctors and patients alike have been waiting decades for! Introducing HearClear™, a natural hearing remedy that actually helps improve the health of your ears. With the help of some of the foremost anti-aging medical doctors in America, and our nutritional experts and formulators, we’ve put together a breakthrough formulation that will change your life forever!


If you or a loved one is concerned about ear health, you owe it to yourselves to learn the details about this remarkable discovery!

HearClear™ is a breakthrough formulation that will not only help your hearing to become clearer and sharper, but will also alleviate any persistent noises in the ears.This amazing hearing breakthrough is so effective it will:


✔ Allow you to hear clearly again regardless of age!

✔ End the annoying and constant noises in your ears!

✔ Increase healthy blood circulation within your inner ears!

✔ Reduce free radical cell damage in your ears!

✔ Help you to sleep restfully throughout the night!

✔ Give you the freedom to easily listen to conversations!

Even The Slightest Noise In Your Ears Is Too Much To Endure!
Now You Can Put A Halt To Those Unbearable Sounds—Naturally!

When’s the last time you had your ears checked?


For most folks the answers is never.


The issues dealing with any degree of age-related hearing loss is not something to be ignored. If left alone your quality of life can easily become so unbearable that even the simplest tasks like getting out of bed could be impossible!

According to the CDC statistics over 48% of Americans have suffered some form of age-related hearing loss…and surprisingly less than 25% of them ever had a hearing test.


Part of the problem is that only 14% of physicians actually screen for age-related hearing loss during regular physicals. So many people with early symptoms of hearing loss or noises in the ears leave their doctor’s office without any clue they have a decline in hearing!


Suffering from noises in the ears can be one of the most devastating conditions to live with. In fact, I’m sure that if you have any level of unwelcome noises in your ears, you probably will try anything to make it go away! Right? That’s why you must take advantage of this opportunity to try one of the most advanced hearing remedies to come along.


I know this is a BIG PROMISE…but believe me I’ve already seen thousands get relief from HearClear™.

Thanks to the latest scientific advancements in nutraceuticals, our labs have been able to source the most potent hear-saving nutrients in the world.This formula goes way beyond the common solutions for age-related hearing loss like:ginkgo biloba, eardrops, hearing aids and other sound-reducing devices.


What you’ll find in HearClear™ are ingredients proven to work internally within your ears giving you FAST and EFFECTIVE relief!

Have You Been Told That The Buzzing...Clicking...and Swooshing In Your Ears Will Not Go Away?

Don’t Listen To A Word Of It… Here’s The Real Truth!

Tired of messing with ear candles or worthless drops? … Tired of replacing costly hearing aid batteries? … Tired of feeling left out of social conversation? … Tired of trying products to alleviate the noises but nothing seems to work?  Tired of hearing that age-related hearing loss is permanent?  Well, I guarantee HearClear™ will prove everyone wrong!


But, before I explain what makes HearClear™ so different from all the other solutions you’ve tried, I need you to understand that much of the information you’ve been told about age-related hearing loss is wrong.


So, here are some of the long rumored myths about age-related hearing loss and those annoying sounds in your ear...

The 3 Biggest Myths About Age-Related Hearing Loss!

Myth #1: Gradual age-related hearing loss is normal with age.

There’s absolutely no reason why your hearing ability has to diminish with age! In fact, 35% of people with age-related hearing loss are under the age of 64! The problem with most folks is that they resign themselves in believing the false facts that they can’t reverse poor hearing or eliminate the noises in their ears. This couldn’t be further from the truth!


What you’re going to discover today is a solution that can actually make an immediate difference to your hearing problems. So, forget everything you’ve been told in the past! Take action NOW to turn your hearing troubles around!

Myth #2: Age-Related Hearing loss is permanent.


Age-Related Hearing loss, regardless of the cause, does not have to always be permanent!  For most folks the fact of age-related hearing less just becomes a way of life.  It’s all too easy to live your life barely being able to hear and assuming there’s nothing you can do to resolve it.  Fortunately, now with the right nutrients and avoidance of loud noises you can once again have good hearing!

Myth #3: Nutrients cannot help correct age-related hearing loss or eliminate noises in the ear.


Most people think the only way their hearing will ever get better is to continue to rely on what they know and have used in the past. However, most of these options could actually make your hearing worse!


Science has verified that there are now special natural nutrients that can actually help improve hearing deficiency and ease the noises in your ears. But for this to occur it’s essential that you have the right nutrients, in the right combinations, and in the right dosage levels.


Previously, Ginkgo Biloba was the only “go to” herb for any improvement in hearing health. But now with the current breakthrough of certain natural ingredients that haven’t been previously used, you CAN obtain even more positive benefits in your hearing health.

Tired Of Being Left Out?

Now You Can Restore Your Hearing And Be Part Of The Fun!

How often do you feel like you’re left out of everyday pleasures because your hearing is not strong enough to even hear a full sentence, if not a word?


In fact, most folks who are suffering with either age-related hearing loss or noises in the ears end up having trouble in social settings or even make an effort to avoid crowds. Many times the background noise seems like its originating only inches from your ears. Going to the movies or a concert is last on your list of pleasure activities.


But now with HearClear™, you can start enjoying yourself once again! Wherever you go, you can now become part of the party!


Every vitamin… every herb… every nutrient has been especially designed to give you MAXIMUM HEARING again! Now is the time to start enjoying one of life’s best pleasures — Hearing Clearly!

This Breakthrough Formula Of Over 21 Powerful Nutrients…

Can Help Correct Your Hearing In Just Weeks!

Power Hearing Nutrient #1: N-Acetyl L-Carnitine HCL

This essential nutrient has demonstrated amazing capabilities to reduce normal age-related deterioration in hearing ability and also improves inner ear function. These significant improvements were attributable to the nutrient’s ability to protect and repair age-induced mitochondrial DNA damage.


Power Hearing Nutrient #2: Alpha Lipoic Acid

Alpha Lipoic Acid and N Acetyl L-carnitine are the “dynamic duo” of anti-aging nutrients.  The benefits noted include improvements in age-related memory loss, positive changes for poor hearing and decreased oxidative stress.

Power Hearing Nutrient #3: Black Cohosh

Improves blood circulation to the inner and outer ear providing relief from the annoying random sounds. As a central nervous system depressant, black cohosh directly improves inner ear balance, hearing and can be used to help alleviate unwanted noise in the ear.


Power Hearing Nutrient #4: Golden Seal

Commonly known to soothe and reduce mucous membranes in the ear allowing for a reduction in sounds and pounding.


Power Hearing Nutrient #5: Vinpocetine

This nutrient is known to help poor hearing symptoms due to impaired blood flow to the inner ear.  Vinpocetine helps inhibit an enzyme called phosphodiesterase type 1 while reducing intracellular calcium levels.  This process allows brain blood vessels to open and increase the amount of blood flowing through them.

Power Hearing Nutrient #6: Ginkgo Biloba Extract

This effective herbal extract has been shown to improve blood flow in the inner ear, act with antioxidant activity to fight off cell stress and to improve age-related memory loss.


Power Hearing Nutrient #7: Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10)

This powerful antioxidant’s properties have been demonstrated to be 30 to 100 times more effective than vitamin E.  CoQ10 plays a very important role in the production of energy helping to protect your cells from low oxygen during periods of reduced blood flow that occurs with poor hearing.


Power Hearing Nutrient #8: Garlic

This very well-known herb can also act as an aid to help improve circulation and alleviate high blood pressure levels.  With these health benefits many have found an improvement in reducing unbearable noises in the ear.


Power Hearing Nutrient #9: Melatonin

Nutritional science has shown that this nutrient is effective in reducing noises in the ears and improving those that experience sleep problems related to poor hearing health.

That’s Not All!

12 Additional Hearing Revitalizing Nutrients Ensures

Optimal Hearing Improvements — FAST!

If you’re serious about improving your hearing health, HearClear™ has the natural nutrients needed to make a difference! In addition to the above 9 HearClear™ “Power House Nutrients,” you get an additional 12 hearing health ingredients in every capsule. No other formulation provides this many PROVEN hearing saving ingredients!


Each of the nutrients in HearClear™ has been researched and evaluated by our dedicated panel of medical experts, formulators and leading hearing specialists.


Now, here are some of the additional ways HearClear™ will help your hearing…

Folic Acid — Helps support energy production in your ear cells and promotes blood circulation in the inner ear.


Zinc — Helps strengthen and support your inner ear (cochlear) bones.


Magnesium — Helps protect your inner ear nerves and bones.


Vitamin B12 — Maintains normal blood and nerve function.


Niacin — Increases blood oxygen to your inner ear.


Thiamine — Helps to relieve noises by stabilizing the inner ear nervous system.


Vitamin D — Supports the inner ear bones that can otherwise lead to hearing loss and deafness.


Plus several other essential vitamins and minerals — Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin B-6, Pantothenic Acid.

The Hearing Benefits You Will Find Are Staggering!

Now You Can Start To Hear Even The Softest of Sounds!

For years you’ve been hearing great and then it happens. All of a sudden you notice a change in your ability to hear clearly. Then within just a few months, a slow deterioration of your ability to make out even the loudest of sounds becomes worse. For some of you, a dim but annoying ringing, or buzzing, starts resonating from your ears. Sound familiar? Well, not anymore! Now there’s an amazing new hearing loss solution that’s offering you BIG hearing benefits in just weeks!


Here’s how HearClear™ can make a difference in your hearing and your quality of life!

Hearing Improvement #1:

This remarkable formula combines 21 natural nutrients with the latest science and proven medical research to help lessen your chances of age-related hearing loss. Every ingredient has been developed with the right nutrients, in the right dosage levels to deliver good hearing function!


Hearing Improvement #2:

Powerful and effective antioxidants help scavenge and eliminate damaging free radicals that can weaken the health of your ears and your ability to hear clearly!


Hearing Improvement #3:

Specially selected nutrients have been added to this formula to ensure that your ears are protected and nourished to help eliminate the constant irritating noises in your ears.


Hearing Improvement #4:

HearClear™ was formulated with the proper natural ingredients to provide improved blood circulation. This increase of oxygen-rich blood to the inner ears also helps ensure proper transport of essential nutrients.

Hearing Improvement #5:

HearClear™ is supported by medical studies to deliver effective results fast! It also has been extensively tested and scrutinized to provide the absolute accurate potency and bioavailablity for guaranteed hearing improvement.


Hearing Improvement #6:

The ability to save thousands from having to purchase costly hearing devices or resort to prescription drugs.  Natural solutions to hearing issues is often the most effective and safe way to improving your quality of life.


BONUS Improvement #7:

In addition to the benefits you receive for your hearing, these great natural nutrients and the enhanced blood circulation provide better cognitive performance, concentration and mental clarity!!!

YES! The Frustrating Noises Can Really Go Away…

And You Can Finally Hear Clearly Once Again!


But The Best Part Is — You Don’t Have To Pay A Penny To Find Out!

I would like to extend this invitation for you to try HearClear™ without any risk whatsoever! If you or a loved one is suffering with any form of hearing loss or, even worse, constant noises in the ears then this may be the best offer you will ever come across!


Just imagine how it will feel to once again be able to hear conversations clearly again. Or, how about sitting in a movie or concert hall and listening clearly to every word or musical note!


No longer will you have to tell the cashier at the supermarket to “speak up.” And, you won’t have to avoid going to crowded restaurants for fear of not being able to hear anyone or anything other than the background noise.


Those days are gone!


Now with HearClear™ you can once again live your life without the fear of not being able to understand what people around you are saying. I’m so confident that this remarkable hearing formula can help you that I’m willing to offer you these four guaranteed promises:

Promise #1: HearClear™ really works! And it works so effectively and fast that I promise you that within just a few weeks you should start to notice a big improvement in both your hearing and the decrease of the noises in your ears!


Promise #2: HearClear™ delivers only the best of ingredients! In fact, I pride myself on providing the best quality ingredients. And, I make the promise that only the best manufacturing was used to produce this formula. Developed in our GMP facilities and properly tested, this supplement delivers the finest nutrients you can find. And what you see on the label is exactly what you get!

Promise #3: HearClear™ delivers the maximum potency for maximum hearing! It only takes two capsules of this formula to deliver optimal nutrition for improved hearing loss and decrease of ringing. I promise you’ll find no better formula to help end your hearing troubles.


Promise #4: HearClear™ comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! I promise you that if for any reason whatsoever you’re unhappy with the results you get from this product; simply return the unopened portion for a FULL REFUND of the purchase price within 60 days.  No questions asked.  That’s how confident we are that you’ll love HearClear™.


It doesn’t get any easier than that!

There’s More! — Here’s A FREE Book For Just Trying!

Order Within The Next 7 Days… And It’s Yours!

Nothing ever happens overnight, so I ask that you give HearClear™ a fair chance to work! If you really want to put an end to the noises in your ears and start to hear sharper and clearer than ever before, I highly recommend that you take advantage of our great savings!


To help you reach this goal of “optimal” hearing I suggest you stock up and SAVE money with the four or six month supply of HearClear™!

PLUS…along with your order, I’m going to give you this amazing FREE REPORT, “Thyroid Disease: The Biggest Epidemic of This Century” ($19.95 value)! This exclusive report reveals discoveries and solutions that can prevent and help alleviate thyroid disease. Inside discover:


  • Why doctors are commonly misdiagnosing this disease.

  • The warning signs that you could be suffering with a low thyroid disease.

  • What natural nutrients you need to take to maintain and support good thyroid health.

  • What simple test your doctor must perform to know your thyroid levels.

  • What foods you must not eat to avoid poor thyroid function.

You’ve Just Spent Your Last Day Suffering With
Age-Related Hearing Loss And Noises In Your Ears!

Millions of folks, much like my grandfather, have suffered way to long with age-related hearing loss and those annoying noises in their ears. For decades the scientific and medical communities around the world have been battling to help those dealing with poor hearing health. Until now there have been very few options available to help those life-depriving problems.


Finally with the development of HearClear™ you can once again start to enjoy one of life’s pleasures—GOOD HEARING!  I know you’ve tried many products before but I guarantee this one WORKS!  Now you can join the thousands of folks enjoying crystal clear hearing again.

Of course, I wish my grandfather were still alive to try HearClear™. I know it would have really helped him. But the good news is: it’s now available to help YOU!

Please don’t delay on giving HearClear™ a try! I know within just weeks, if not days, you’ll be able to enjoy and listen to the sounds of life without that constant ringing in your ears anymore!

All The Best Hearing,

Nick Wilson

President, NutraWay Health

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