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NOW... I Wouldn’t Think Of Entering My Bedroom Without…
JOHNSON JOLT In My Back Pocket!

Dear Friends,


I’ve got a confession to make!


Just a few months ago I turned 55 years old. To some of you this might not seem very old but after what happened last week—I’m feeling extremely old! Just writing about this situation makes me embarrassed. It all started on the night I was celebrating my anniversary with my wife. Talk about bad timing! The night was perfectly planned… the jewelry… the dinner… and of course the expensive wine.


You can imagine how excited we both were to get home and climb under the sheets.


Allow me to skip the details and tell you that just about the time I was ready to unleash my sexual warrior everything seemed to fall apart! It’s that moment that every man regrets. Your mind works but your body doesn’t! Like a fallen soldier my penis wouldn’t stay hard regardless what she did or how much I urged it on.


I can’t tell you how humiliated I felt.


It Sat On My Shelf For Years… But Today It’s My Erection Savior!

For several years a product called Johnson Jolt, developed by our laboratories, has been sitting on my shelf in the office. Unfortunately I never thought I had the need to test drive this product. Well, that all changed a few days after my unsuccessful attempt to satisfy my wife on our anniversary.


Knowing that Johnson Jolt has helped thousands of men, I was confident there had to be some truth in its ability to restore any man’s penis back to its youthful state of hardness. I didn’t hesitate to slip a bottle into my back pocket with the vision of putting it to good use that very evening.


Ok… it’s time for the details!

That night just prior to making love to my wife, I shot a couple of droppers of this liquid into my mouth (don’t worry... it tastes good) and in less than an hour I had a boner that would make any woman take a second look in awe!


Wow! I hadn’t seen an erection like that in years. And the best part was — it wouldn’t quit on me! I had so much sex that night she thought I overdosed on some prescription drug!


Nothing could be further from the truth. Johnson Jolt did just what it was supposed to do—WORK! And it happened without a prescription… synthetic chemicals… or hours of waiting!


Having A Tough Time Getting And Holding An Erection?


Are you losing your erection before you finish? Are you at the point where you find yourself making excuses to avoid the bedroom? And worse yet, are you experiencing a natural decline in sexual function simply due to the fact you’re getting older?

If you are answering YES to any of these questions… then it’s of vital importance you hear what I’m about to tell you!


Johnson Jolt with its innovative “delivery technology” is so powerful… so effective… so fast-acting… it’s being considered the next generation of “erection-building” formulas.


It wouldn’t surprise me that in the past your mailbox has been flooded with promises of huge and massive erections lasting throughout the night! Sound familiar?


And let me guess… most of them (if not all of them) didn’t work… Right?


Well, now you can stop looking! I guarantee you that just one “liquid shot” of Johnson Jolt will not disappoint you!

Just A Few Drops Is All It Takes…
To Put Enough Blood Into Your Penis To Enjoy Sex For Hours!


This formula was designed specially to utilize a unique “delivery system” to open your sexual floodgates fast and effectively… driving more blood into the chambers of your penis.


This technology was not developed overnight. For years this same liquid suspension has been used in Europe with great success. But now this technology has been perfected right here in America! And the results have been overwhelming!


Do you remember when you were just a child and couldn’t swallow a pill! Most likely your mother broke the tablet down… added water… and eventually spooned the medicine into your mouth.


Well, unknown to you, there was a double benefit. Not only did it go down easily, it also got into your system a lot faster! Johnson Jolt works on the same theory.


So if you are tired of:


•  Trying to swallow large, cumbersome tablets…

•  Sitting around waiting for your nutrients to kick into gear…

•  Disgusted with the after-taste of compressed tablets…

•  Consuming a handful of pills to achieve high dosage levels…

•  Or frustrated that nothing seems to being working…


Then Johnson Jolt is what you need! This remarkable formula was made to deliver a powerful erection before you even decide to unroll the bed covers! IT’S THAT FAST!


Forget About Pills or Capsules…This Is Faster!

Ever find yourself sitting around wondering when “Mr. Johnson” is going to decide it’s time to wake up and make his appearance? Well no longer do you need to wait! With Johnson Jolt I suggest you plan on undoing your zipper early!


The reason for this is when tablets or capsules are transported to your stomach they simply “hangout” waiting to dissolve. And this process can vary from individual to individual depending on physiological factors.


This slow-poke method of delivery will not only interfere with the absorption process but could easily lead to an upset stomach. In a suspension form, such as in Johnson Jolt the ingredients are quickly dissolved in your bloodstream because it’s in liquid form, so you don’t have to wait for nutrients to breakdown and metabolize in your stomach.

Discover How “Johnson Jolt ” Works To Stiffen… Thicken…
And Lengthen Your Penis Back To Life!


1. Erection Lifter — L-Citrulline


Direct Action: Increased smooth blood flow to the male reproductive organ is essential for the erection process. L-Citrulline acts as a vasodilator by producing the neurotransmitter nitric oxide (NO). Once produced, NO triggers the release of another chemical — cyclic GMP. As GMP increases, the smooth muscles of the penile arteries relax allowing the vessels to dilate and increase blood flow to the penis.


Results: Robust blood flow, enhanced libido, larger and harder erections.


2. Testosterone Booster — DHEA & Tribulus Terrestris


Direct Action: DHEA a precursor to testosterone has been considered a significant nutrient to help support anabolic growth factors, increase muscle mass, reduced body fat and sexual enhancement. By the time your 65, your body only produces 10% of the DHEA that it produced when you were 20.


Results: Sexual stamina, and endurance for longer sexual activity.


3. Duration & Energy Enhancer — Ginseng & Gingko Biloba


Direct Action: This widely used herb allows more oxygen to reach neurons improving circulation in blood vessels of your penis. Ginkgo also enhances the effects of nitric oxide to help relax artery walls and increasing the amount of blood into the penis.


Results: Increase circulation of blood flow, faster erection response and extend duration.


4. Estrogen Balancer — Chrysin


Direct Action: This natural phytonutrient can lower estrogen levels in the male body by promoting its conversion into “good” estrogen metabolites. Through its effects on estrogen metabolism it helps to maintain free or active healthy testosterone levels.


Results: Longer lasting erections, more physical stamina, and support of good cardiovascular health.



From Soft To Hard Within Just Minutes — GUARANTEED!


I’m sure you’ll agree that no man wants to watch their power to have sex simply disappear from their lives. The ability to have a penis that can “rise to the occasion” on command is something you want and deserve.


I’m not just talking about a few minutes under the sheets with an erection at half-mast but one that’s standing tall and rigid like a flagpole. That’s what Johnson Jolt can do for you!


But of course, you won’t know until you’ve tried it. That’s why I’m going to make it easy for you to experience it for yourself. Not only are you going to get a special introductory price but I’m going to extend a 100% money-back guarantee to remove any reservations you should have about trying Johnson Jolt!


Go ahead and order a few bottles today and see for yourself how Johnson Jolt can deliver more physical and sexual stamina than you can handle! And if by some slim chance it just doesn’t seem to work for you — then simply return any unopened bottles for a 100% refund of the purchase price.


No hassles… No strings… No questions! Everything to gain… nothing to lose!


Turn Off The Lights… Turn On The Music…Turn Up The Air!
You Are Not Going To Believe How HOT The Sex Is Going To Get!


How many times have you purchased a product only to find out days later it did absolutely NOTHING for your sex life? No wonder you’re always skeptical about trying something new! But what if it did work as promised? You certainly won’t want to miss the opportunity to once again experience the endless pleasure of non-stop sexual intercourse!


I’m really that confident this formula is going to work for you. And I’m not just talking about my own personal success… there are many others that have tried Johnson Jolt and can’t stop raving about it!


So that’s why I’m going to give you an opportunity to order Johnson Jolt at the lowest price we have ever offered. Everyone wants to save money especially during these difficult economic times. That’s why we arranged with our laboratories to “stock up” with raw materials and inventory to help offset the high cost of manufacturing.


And now our saving is your SAVINGS too!


Please don’t miss the opportunity to take advantage of this amazing introductory offer to have a few vials of Johnson Jolt ready in your back pocket for unstoppable... unbelievable... and unforgettable sex!


Now It’s Time Put A Jolt Into Your Johnson!
And Get That Surge Of Erection Power When You Really Need It!


Now it is time to fire up those dormant sex organs and Johnson Jolt has finally made it possible! So, no matter how old you are… how low your libido is… or how bad your sexual performance issues are — Johnson Jolt will help you achieve full-blown erections on command anytime you desire!


To put a price on the enjoyment of sexual stamina and performance is inconceivable. Every man wants to continue experiencing non-stop knock-out sex… not even once… or twice… but at least three times a night! And now you can!


Johnson Jolt can be considered one of the most advanced delivery systems of high dosage sexual-enhancing nutrients to ever come along. Johnson Jolt can help replenish your depleted “sex batteries” and restore your sexual potency to drive any women to exhaustion!


You owe it to yourself to order Johnson Jolt today and return to your youthful days…when wild marathon-sex was an everyday occurrence.


Sincerely yours,

Herbert Gold

Reserach & Development, NutraWay Health


P.S. But it gets better! If you stock up for four months of great sex you can also SAVE over $90 off the regular price! Plus… get FREE shipping & handling! Now that’s worth considering!


P.P.S. — Please be informed that because of the sensitivity of this product, your order will be shipped to you in a discreet and confidential package in order to protect your privacy!

Johnson Jolt
Best Deal    6 Bottles $29.95

Great Deal  4 Bottles $51.90

Good Deal   2 Bottles $65.85

Trial              1 Bottle   $73.90


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