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Medical Doctor Has Now Discovered
A Secret That Can Restore Your Vision
Without Stronger Eyeglasses!

Every time I turn around it seems I’m always looking for my glasses. Glasses for the computer…glasses for a menu…glasses for my cell phone…glasses for writing a prescription. Yes! I certainly know how you must feel. It drives me insane running around wondering where I left them.


And just because I’m a doctor doesn’t mean I don’t have some of the same health issues you have. When it comes to poor vision we're on the same team! Since the age of 45 my eyesight has been doing nothing but getting worse.


I know I’m not alone.


According to the National Federation of The Blind there are now over 6 million people in America reported to have some type of visual disability. The worst news is it projects that cases of poor vision could easily double in just 20 years.


Unfortunately, this upward trend of age-related vision loss can’t be helped overnight…but there are now ways to help put the brakes on its decline. All of this depressing news didn’t really hit home until one of my patients stopped by my office with this shocking and all to common story…

You must read his story…


This happened a few months ago but it seems like just yesterday that Paul walked into my office feeling terribly depressed. Paul is a guy who’s usually happy go-lucky every time I see him. But that day was different. So I knew it had to be something serious.  I was thinking maybe it was a family tragedy or he lost everything he had in the stock market.


No it wasn’t that bad…but to Paul it wasn’t good! He just had his driver’s license revoked.


I really never gave it much thought before, as to how much of an impact this could have on someone’s life. But after listening to him…it hit home. So much of our lives depend upon driving - grocery shopping…going out to dinner…getting to the drugstore…and even going to the doctor.


So why did the license bureau take away Paul’s privilege to drive?  It was because he failed his eyesight examination! And here’s the bad news…Paul was even wearing his eyeglasses during the test!


It seems Paul hasn’t visited his ophthalmologist in over two years. And within that period of time his eyesight declined so severely that it’s no wonder they refused his license renewal. So why do I tell you this story?


Because I don’t want it to happen to you!

Who Says You Have To Live With Poor Eyesight?

If you asked most people about their poor vision you most likely would get an answer like, “Oh, that’s just what happens when you get old”! But believe me that statement couldn't be further from the truth!


In fact, poor vision simply comes from poor nutrition! That’s why I’ve made it a goal to discover the secrets of healthy vision by utilizing a breakthrough nutritional supplement to help ward off the breakdown of macular decline.  


As you probably know for most folks with failing eyesight it ends up with a trip to the ophthalmologist only to discover you need either a stronger eyeglass prescription or even worse…surgery.


Fortunately for you…you don’t have to be like the millions of people who resign themselves to the fact that fading eyesight is just a part of growing old. Luckily, I have discovered a secret that can restore your eyesight both safely and naturally. And the best part is: you don’t even have to come to my office.

Now You Can Have Eyes Like A Hawk…
And Be Done With Poor Vision For Good!

My name is Ron Blankstein, M.D. and I've been practicing medicine for over 25 years. In my practice, it's not uncommon to see folks over 40 years old concerned about the longevity of their vision.


Every year you risk the chance of losing your independence from age-related vision loss. Believe me…life won’t be the same if one day your doctor tells you to stop driving your car at night—or even worse, don’t drive at all.


How would you feel about mistakenly taking the wrong medication?  Or, incorrectly reading your bank statement? Here’s one even worse…accidently misreading a road sign.  I certainly wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

Losing your eyesight is much like losing your hearing! It simply steals away some of the most beautiful moments of life. But if you follow the recommendations I will give you in this letter you’ll be able to nourish your eyesight back to health and apply the brakes to the ongoing progression of age-related vision loss.


That’s right, there’s now a new option to start seeing clearly and in focus within just weeks! But before I tell you how…you need to know the truth about your failing eyesight.

The Facts Why Your Eyesight Is Losing Clarity Every Year

First, I must tell you that your declining loss of vision is NOT an inevitable part of aging or necessarily permanent. Regardless of your age or condition of your vision, you can do something to correct it.


What you’re about to discover today is that new science has shown that certain nutrients can make a big difference in your vision health.


In just a few moments I will explain how this amazing natural solution will have you watching TV, reading a book and driving, even at night, almost effortlessly. Plus…if you give this new eye solution a fair chance you won’t even have to reach for your eyeglasses.

It All Comes Down To Wet or Dry…
 Neither Is Good For Your Vision!

Much of your eyesight issues can be contributed to what doctors refer to as central vision loss. This part of your vision is required for the “straight ahead” activities in your daily routine, such as reading, driving and even recognizing faces of friends or family.


This central vision loss is usually caused when the central portion of the retina, known as the macula, starts to deteriorate. The “dry form" is characterized by the presence of yellow deposits, called drusen, in the macula. As this build up of waste particles increases so does the dimming and distortion of vision that you will first notice during reading.


As for the “wet” version of this degeneration, it occurs with the growth of abnormal blood vessels underneath the macula. As these blood vessels leak fluids into the retina it causes those wavy distorted lines, blurring, and black spots in your vision.


Regardless of what type of degeneration the problem still results in poor vision.  Thankfully, new breakthroughs in vision health have shown promising solutions in correcting this central vision loss.

The Secret of Xanthophyll Is Revealed!

You Can Have Razor Sharp Vision Again…In Only A Few Weeks!

Unknown to many, the recent discovery of Xanthophyll is now the frontrunner in the race for helping thousands to protect their vision and improve their eyesight.


For years you were lead to believe that carrots were the answer to improve poor vision. But interestingly that’s not completely true. Doctors have now discovered that a deficiency of Xanthophyll could be contributing to your failing vision.


The National Institute of Health Age-Related Eye Disease Study (AREDS) has issued a series of comprehensive studies that demonstrated that certain antioxidants and vitamins could significantly improve one’s vision. And on the forefront of these studies are two very distinct and effective nutrients.

On the top of the list of the most powerful Xanthophylls are Lutein and Zeaxanthin. Many studies have shown these carotenoids can make a huge difference in your age-related vision loss.


Up until now the only way to consume these special nutrients was through eating dark leafy greens like spinach, kale, green beans or foods with yellow hues like corn, squash and marigolds.


The only problem with eating your way to healthier vision, is it would take a lot of eating to get you there.


So rather than even thinking about sitting down to a huge pot of spinach or squash, wouldn’t it be easier to just take one powerful capsule that’s filled with enough Xanthophylls to boost your ability to see clearly again?


And let us not forget that the foods you ate when you were younger…are not the same foods of today!


Have you looked at the color of a tomato lately? The lack of redness could be partially blamed on environmental toxins or the way farmers are now genetically modifying their plants. Unfortunately, this all adds up to unhealthy produce and eventually an unhealthier YOU!

Are You Looking To SEE Better?
Then This Super Vision Formula Will Make It Happen!

For years supplement companies have been trying to develop a vision formula that would give you the necessary nutrients to seriously make a difference in your eyesight.


And many have failed!


The reasons are many but the most significant comes down to several key factors.  First, most vision supplements aren’t formulated with either the right nutrients or the right dosages.  But the problem doesn’t end there. Often these ingredients are sourced from inferior crops that result in poor potency and less absorption.


That’s why I had to formulate a new supplement that would deliver only the highest quality of raw materials and within the dosage levels dictated by the latest studies.


This super-formula is called Nutri-Eye!


But for you to be 100% confident that Nutri-Eye will deliver as promised, allow me a few more moments to explain why it’s most likely better than anything else you might have tried.

Take a moment to look at most vision supplement facts labels and you’ll see that many of these important ingredients are in dosages that can be considered drastically insufficient.

For example: Many vision formulas have Lutein, but they are often in dosages of 20…30 or even 100 mcg. The problem with that is “mcg” stands for microgram, which is only 1/1000th of a milligram. And to be effective for healthy vision you need at least 10 milligrams of Lutein or more.

Nutri-Eye Doubles The Dosage…For 200% More Effectiveness

You see, most vision formulas that I’ve come across lack the potency to even make the slightest difference. That’s why I found it essential to add more ingredients and more milligrams to this formula to ensure your body assimilates all the nutritional value it needs.

Here’s why Nutri-Eye stands out when compared to other inferior formulas:

In Nutri-Eye you get double the potency! That’s right…with every serving size you get a full 20 mg of Lutien and 2 mg of Zeaxanthin. This is what the studies indicate are necessary to get the job done and alleviate the breakdown of your macula and the loss of central vision.

But even though these two powerful ingredients are critical to improving your vision, there are other essential nutrients that are also vital to your vision health.

10 More Scientifically-Targeted Ingredients Makes
Nutri-Eye The Most Doctor-Recommended Vision Formula!

With the help of nutritional researchers at NutraWay Health, I was able to formulate one of the most comprehensive vision formulas you can find- anywhere!

So if you want to see better at night…reduce eyestrain…keep your focus clearer…keep your central vision sharp…alleviate eye floaters…see details clearer…and keep your whole eye healthier...then these nutrients can make it happen!

In every capsule of Nutri-Eye you’ll find the right doses of these 13-targeted eye-saving nutrients:

Bilberry Extract:  Triggers the production of rhodopsin to help the retina react with light changes and improve night driving. It also has the ability to improve oxygen and blood delivery to the eye and scavenge free radicals from disrupting collagen structures that contribute to poor eyesight.[1]

Lycopene: A powerful antioxidant that comes from red pigment (tomatoes) has shown to help improve the blood flow to your eyes. It also has a protective effect on the oxidative stress in the retinal pigment epithelium helping to reduce free radical damage on your cells and tissues.[2]

Eyebright:  Promotes healthy blood vessels around the eye and eyelid helping to reduce eye fatigue and strain.

Ginkgo Biloba: Helps increase blood flow to the eyes feeding the tiny capillaries that support the retinal walls and important optic nerves of your eyes.

But there’s MORE…here are some additional “vital” ingredients in Nutri-Eye that are synergistically working together to deliver one of the most powerful eye-improving formulas you can find.

They include:

Rutin: An antioxidant that helps strengthen capillaries and improves circulation for maintaining healthy pressure in the eyes. It also can be beneficial in fighting free radicals and supporting healthy inflammation.

Alpha-lipoic acid: A naturally occurring essential fatty acid that has the ability to help your body overcome oxidative stress and fight free radical damage to eye cells. It also helps reduce the risk of pigment change in the retina.

Vitamin A:  As indicated in the The National Institute of Health (AREDS) this vitamin was an essential part of the study showing that an optimal dosage of Vitamin A can help support healthier eyesight and improve central eye vision.

Even though these ingredients alone have proven to help thousands with their eyesight, I believe that it’s just as important to include these other essential nutrients to reinforce your effort to improving your overall vision health.

Zinc:  According to the AREDS study, participants lowered their risk of age-related macular breakdown by 25% by including Zinc in their supplement regimen.

Vitamin C: A powerful ocular antioxidant helps reduce oxidative damage to your eye cells and can help alleviate eye pressure along with building strong nerve cells.

Vitamin E: To support improved circulation around your eyes and help support clear eye lenses.

Selenium:  Is vital to maintain healthy protection from free radical damage that can have a direct affect on macular breakdown.

Don’t Let Your Eyes Get Any Worse!
Put Nutri-Eye To Work TODAY
And See Like You’re Looking Through Binoculars!

As you know your eyes are one of the most important parts of your body and without good vision many of life’s pleasures would be gone. That’s why it’s of upmost importance that you do everything possible to ensure their protection.


It seems every year your eyesight gets a little worse, your optician prescribes stronger lenses, and the possibility of serious eye problems can become reality.


That’s why you CAN NOT afford to wait. Now is the time to help your eyesight and Nutri-Eye is the best way you can!


Surely, you can get other vision formulas but most of them will not have adequate dosages of nutrients that you need to really make a difference. Plus…you don’t get the secret Xanthophylls that come with Nutri-Eye!


After just a few weeks, if not days, of taking Nutri-Eye you’ll immediately understand why this amazing vision-improving formula is one of America’s most used formulas and highly recommended by medical doctors.

Read What Nutri-Eye Can Do For Your Eyesight…

What you want is a vision supplement that really works! And Nutri-Eye is that formula. Once you start taking Nutri-Eye I guarantee that some if not all of these vision benefits will happen in just a few short weeks.

Here’s how it’s going to help you:


  • Improve your ability to focus clearly and sharply…

  • Allow you to feel confident about driving at night again…

  • Help you to distinguish colors more vividly…

  • Alleviate blurriness reading road signs…

  • Increase the size of the words in a book…

  • Make it easier to view your television or computer screen…

  • Reduce eye fatigue and strain so you can focus better…

  • Alleviate those annoying floaters that interfere with good vision…

  • Provide the nourishment to help lessen dry eyes and irritations…

  • Help your eyes to adjust quickly to dim lights or glare…

But most of all Nutri-Eye can help restore your independence and freedom. Having to rely on eyeglasses or contacts everyday of your life just to read a menu or take a simple driver’s license examination can be frustrating. 

Fortunately, you now have a natural solution that can quickly help avoid the vision obstacles that confront you everyday! I’ve seen the improvements with my own patients and I know Nutri-Eye is going to make a BIG difference in restoring your independence too!

Since I’ve Started Taking Nutri-Eye…
My Night Driving Has Never Been Better!

My first experience with poor vision started when I was driving home late one night and realized that I was straining to follow the road.  I would have to admit that a lot of my problem stemmed from being unable to adjust my eyes to oncoming headlinghts of approaching cars.


For most folks with poor vision, driving at night can be quite challenging. Even with good eyesight it is sometimes difficult to distinguish traffic light colors, people in crosswalks, parked cars and road signs.


But for me, much of this changed once I started taking Nutri-Eye. It seemed as I started to nourish my eyesight back to health, my night driving even started to improve.


Of course, I’m not advocating that you should drive at night if you’re visually impaired, but for those who are fearful of night driving then Nutri-Eye can definitely help!


Thankfully, my eyesight has gotten better and I owe a lot of that success to Nutri-Eye! That’s why I don’t hesitate to recommend this formula to my patients or you.


So if it’s driving at night or simply threading a needle…picking up a penny off the ground…or just reading a book, I promise you that Nutri-Eye can make these tasks and others a whole lot EASIER!

Claim This Special Report For FREE - With Any Size Order!

Do you know why your vision is declining every year? There are a lot of reasons but surprisingly not many doctors explain why it’s happening or how to resolve your vision problem without stronger eye lenses or surgery.


In my book called “The Vision Robbers: Don’t Let Them Steal Away Your Vision”, you finally get the truth and the latest research on how to restore your youthful eyesight and get rid of those annoying eyeglasses!


Learn all about:


  • The structure and detail concerning your eyes so you can better understand its effects on your vision.

  • The Big 3 Vision Robbers and how they can breakdown your macula, damage your eye cells,
    and cause serious diseases.

  • The one disease that affects over 22 million Americans every year and could possibly lead to blindness.

  • The risk factors and the latest treatment for cataracts and glaucoma before they cause
    serious vision problems.

  • A condition called CVS that causes your eyes to be irritated, scratchy, and dry from overuse
    of your computer

  • The top 5 infections and trauma to the eyes and what you need to do to prevent them from occurring

  • The 10 things you can do to prevent poor vision along with taking proper nutrition

  • A new eye exercise technique that’s helping thousands regain their 20/20 vision.

You'll "SEE" The Difference
Or Nutri-Eye Costs You Absolutely NOTHING!


I want you to know that the ingredients in Nutri-Eye are the most potent…the most effective…and the most bioavailable you’ll find in any formula! No other product can compete. And no other company stands behind the quality like we do.


I assure you that every bottle is inspected, tested for quality, and packaged with care and freshness. You’ll find no better vision formula- that’s my promise- and here’s my 100% no nonsense guarantee to back it up!


With most other formulas you’re really never sure if it’s helping your vision or not. Believe me…with Nutri-Eye you’ll know the difference! The reason I can say that confidently is because it has really helped my own vision. I have also seen and heard how well it’s working with my patients and folks like you across America.


But the real test comes down to you! And to make it easier for you to try Nutri-Eye I would like to extend this No Risk money-back guarantee on this amazing vision formula.


Go ahead and try Nutri-Eye! Hopefully you’ll give it a few months to reach optimal benefit in your vision. But if you don’t experience improvement in your night vision, ability to read easier, participation in your favorite activities without always reaching for your eyeglasses- then feel confident that you have our 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE!

Simply return the unused portion for a FULL REFUND of the purchase price within 60 days. No questions asked! Plus, you can keep our special Exclusive Report: “The Vision Robbers”.


Seeing Is Believing…
And With Nutri-Eye You Will Definitely SEE Better!


I hope that in the few minutes we have shared, that you can now see that Nutri-Eye is a REAL solution to your poor vision.  You’ve been introduced to the secret nutrients, given the research that stands behind its effectiveness, and offered an incredible guarantee to give it a fair try.


Now it’s time for you to act and start to help protect and preserve your precious eyesight. With Nutri-Eye you can:


  • Start to see clear, sharper, and in focus.

  • See better in dim light and while night driving.

  • Enjoy a wider range of eyesight, both near and far.

  • Reduce eyestrain, fatigue, and cloudy vision.

  • Regain the freedom and independence of poor sight and eyeglasses.


All these things are possible again! But now it’s up to you. Obviously, you don’t want to resign yourself to accepting living with poor or no vision like millions others do. Nor do you want the loss of your independence.


That’s why you should take this opportunity to experience the remarkable eye-saving benefits of Nutri-Eye TODAY!


Over the past 25 years as a doctor I’ve never seen a better vision formula. That’s why it’s important for you to take this introductory money-saving offer now and start to make your eyes strong, healthy and focused again.


Sincerely yours,

Ronald Blankstein M.D.


P.S. This is an easy decision for you. Please don’t delay. REMEMBER: This product is not offered at any health store, drugstore, or supermarket.


P.P.S. Please don’t forget to order today and claim your FREE Exclusive Special Report: “The Vision Robbers”. Plus…order 4 or more bottles and get FREE Shipping & Handling!









[1] Anonymous. Vaccinium myrtillus (Bilberry). Altern Med Rev 2001;6:500-504.


[2] Hammond BR Jr, Wooten BR, Curran-Celentano J. Carotenoids in the retina and lens: Possible acute and chronic effects on human visual performance. Arch Biochem Biophys 2001;385:41-46.


The Statements Made Herein Have Not Been Evaluated By The U.S. Food And Drug Administration.  This Product Is Not Intended To Diagnose, Cure Or Prevent Any Disease.

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